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    You are thinking about going online with your own web site and you are not sure what it will cost. Or you are already on-line and are seeking new hosting and maintenance services. Welcome!

    Here is some basic cost information along with descriptions of services. For LP Computer Services current prices, please email lynn@lpcomputerservices.com.

    Domain Name Registration

    WHAT IS IT? Your domain name is the distinct address of your site - every site has a domain name. In the following address: http://www.lpcomputerservices.com, lpcomputerservices.com is the domain name. This name is registered with an overseeing organization which verifies that no two people are using the same name. Only the owner of a name can use it.

    HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The cost of registering your domain name is as low as $10 a year paid to the company with which it is registered. Many web designers or ISPs (see below) charge between $25 and $40 to do the paperwork of registering your name.

    I charge no fee for registering your name. You also can do this yourself with a little background work or I can do it for you (you pay just the registration fee)

    Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

    WHAT IS IT? Internet Service Providers or ISPs put your site out on the web and make sure your site is available 24 hours per day to anyone requesting it. This is an ongoing service.

    HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Costs for ISP accounts to host your site can range from $5 per month and up depending on the services you request, the ISP you select, and the size of your site. Accounts requiring secure services (i.e., to accept credit card information on-line) generally cost more. There are many ISPs; Some that you may have heard of are Qwest, AT&T, AOL, XO.

    I will be happy to help you figure out the option that works best for your site and your budget.

    Web Site Development

    WHAT IS IT? A developer builds your site and puts content together with graphics.

    HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Development costs can range from $40 per page to $200 per page and more. Development is usually a one-time cost after which you pay maintenance costs. Some developers require the client to provide all wording and graphics in electronic format (on disk or e-mailed to them). If the cost seems like a great deal, check the fine print for loopholes that keep the basic costs low.

    I charge a low per-page cost and do not require you to provide content in electronic format.

    Web Site Maintenance

    WHAT IS IT? You need someone to maintain your site: to make changes, to add/delete pages, and generally to watch over your site. The person who maintains your site is usually the person who developed it.

    HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Costs for maintenance vary. Most maintainers charge a flat monthly rate ($25 to $150/month) that allows for minor changes to your site. New pages cost development rates. (Some maintainers charge a monthly rate even in months when no changes are requested). Only a few maintainers charge by the hour when changes are requested. If your site is going to be static (only infrequent changes), look for the best deal on maintenance costs, since $50/month can add up to $600/year for only a couple hours of work.

    I charge an hourly rate. I maintain sites that I develop and also ones that I have not developed.

    For LP Computer Services current prices, please email lynn@lpcomputerservices.com

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